Thursday, March 28, 2013

SHINee Onew Electronic Smoking

7:15 PM

SHINee Onew was again hit by controversy after the scandal raised middle finger. Not long ago photos circulating Onew go together with Jung-A After School. From the photos it seems Onew was smoking so new repercussion.

The photos were originally made netizen fuss over whether Onew really dating Jung-A. But one of the photos shows Onew looked casually smoked a puff of smoke. Looks are not shaped like cigarettes in general, many suspect it is a kind of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette).

No doubt, the photo makes netizens shocked by the image of Onew for this is plain. Anyone think Onew should not smoke in public places because he was an idol. But there is also a think smoking is a personal right Onew.

"It should promote healthy living idol," protested a netter. "I think it's no big deal because the fans would be able to distinguish good and bad things that should be emulated," defense netter. "People forget that the idol was also human, not perfect."

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