Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sooyoung SNSD Admits Disappointed with Promo 2012 in Japan

7:24 PM

This year, Girls' Generation focus for concert touring and promo in Japan. But a year earlier, Girls' Generation or other Korean artists in Japan can not promo intense political conflict related to ownership of Dokdo Island (South Korea vs. Japan).

When asked for an opinion, member of Girls' Generation, Sooyoung, disappointed because last year less than the maximum promo in Japan. Though he and other personnel could have a lot of plans to develop their skills while in Japan.

"I'm not fully satisfied. I want to challenge myself with different things in Japan. But I can not do it," said Sooyoung. "Personality is very bright but the other members at that time (in 2012), we did not have a chance to show it. Though I think it would be nice if we could show that side."

Fortunately this year Sooyoung cs lucky enough to gig while enjoying the beauty of the cities in Japan. "Spring has arrived. Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in Tokyo," he said enthusiastically.

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