Wednesday, December 26, 2012

IU Write First Massage About Scandal Photos

9:25 AM

IU still chose silence as intimate photos with Super Junior's Eunhyuk is spread to the public. IU still appear in public but never wrote a message on social media. IU appears now write a Christmas greeting to his fans.

In a post that IU wrote on her fancafe on December 25, he was not just talking about Christmas. Singer of "You And I" also revealed his feelings and apologize has made fans worried.

"How are you two my fans? I feel stuffy as I closed the door and now it's Christmas Eve. I do not go out. Felt claustrophobic because I wanted to write this to you," wrote IU. "Because of this I learned a lot of things rather than just reply to the message when there is no work to do."

"I'm sorry to make you skinny because of worries me. I'm sorry that I gain weight even if I were making a mess," said IU. "I'll disappear after you say hello. Beware flu? After this I'm going out. Wait for me while drinking juice in the room."

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