Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Song Hye Kyo Hot Photos in Film 'The Grandmasters'

9:19 AM

The film "The Grandmasters" has just released a new photo. It showed one of the intimate scenes Song Hye Kyo and Tony Leung in the film.

In the photo, actress series "Full House" looks hugged from behind by Tony. Song Hye Kyo then leaned her head on Tony's shoulder, closing her eyes. He was seen showing happy expression on his face.

The film's release was delayed were also starring Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Siu-Lung Leung and Wang Qingxiang. "The Grandmasters" directed by Wong Kar Wai who also wrote the script for this movie.

"The Grandmasters" tells the story of martial arts experts in South China. Told martial arts expert teachers are often challenged the ability of one another in a battle. One day Ip Man caught in the fighting and managed to be the winner.

Master Kung and his daughter Kung Yi became fascinated by the figure of Ip Man. The conflict became more exciting when a high warlord killed by own guard and make teachers martial determined catch the killer. According to the plan, "The Grandmasters" will be released in China in January 2013.

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