Saturday, December 29, 2012

IU Old Photos Circulating On The Internet

5:20 PM

Recently circulated photos on the internet IU. The photos show the original body size IU a very petite.

In the photo he looks IU wearing red boxes that fit in the body. When biting in addition to a woman's body shape IU look smaller. Body actress "Dream High" was even mentioned even smaller than most women.

View images, some fans claimed envy IU shape. Although thin, the fans claimed to have a body like him.

"He was very skinny. But she has a good body," said one fan. "Wow, amazing. I'm glad she looks more contained now," said another fan.

Iu is currently busy with his activities as a host on a number of occasions. Most recently, the singer is rumored close to Super Junior's Eunhyuk was chosen to host SBS music show with his best friend, miss A's Suzy and actor Jung Woon Gyeo.