Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Series 'Dating Agency' Closed with Kiss SNSD Sooyoung

7:58 PM

Series "Dating Agency" has just entered the episode ended. The episode immediately attract the attention of fans because it was closed by the kissing scene Sooyoung of Girls' Generation. In that scene, Sooyoung did not seem shy kissing lips with co-star, Lee Jong Hyuk.

"This is my boyfriend," said Sooyoung and kissed Jong Hyuk at the scene. "Love creates his own world when two people meet and fall in love. At Cyrano agency I finally found the love story itself," he added.

Some time ago, Sooyoung also had to write a letter of farewell to fans of the series. Actress series "The Third Hospital" is to thank for the support of his fans and friends during this time.

"The support given by the fans as I was shooting into the night, you always give me strength so that I could finish it all until the end," he added. "Thank you. To welcome the new characters in the future I will bury Euijin Minyoung and in my heart. Woe I will bury feelings. Thank you for all the love you guys."

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