Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Short Pants miss A's Suzy reap Controversy

8:45 PM

Miss A's Suzy was very attentive to fashion as an icon of "National First Love". But recently netizens split opinion when I saw Suzy clothing worn when attending the premiere of the film "The Terror Live". Because, Suzy wearing hotpants.

The premiere of the film "The Terror Live" was attended by celebrities like No Min-woo, Park Ye Jin, Hello Venus and others. Among all who came, Suzy attracted the most attention because just wearing casual dress paired super short shorts. Suzy legs were terumbar to the public, even seem like not wearing pants because it covered a loose shirt.

Suzy saw the appearance fee that is "bold" it did not make a complaint netizens. They consider it a reasonable super short shorts worn, especially in the summer now. However, some netizens upset when Suzy was wearing short pants is okay but if someone else will be criticized.

"I think the short pants are not really, it was only because her shirt is too long," defended a netter. "In Korea is notorious for wearing super short shorts, so I think it does not matter," added another netter. "If the life of another idol Suzy will be criticized but if nobody complains.'s Too biased," complained a netizen.

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