Saturday, July 27, 2013

Serial 'I Hear Your Voice' Accused of Plagiarism Mystery Novel, Sued Apologizes

8:42 PM

Korean drama "I Hear Your Voice" has just hit a problem. Series starring Yoon Sang Hyun ("Secret Garden") is accused of plagiarism against a mystery novel titled "Evidence of the Devil". Because of the plagiarism allegations, the Mystery Writers Association Novel Korea demanded the production of "I Hear Your Voice" apology.

"We issued a statement to represent Jin Ki, author of the novel 'Evidence of the Devil'," the representative said memorandum of association. "We would like to discuss a solution with SBS. Rather than taking legal action, we chose to support Jin Ko."

Previously, the association has also requested SBS to apologize for alleged plagiarism they proposed this. The association claims "I Hear Your Voice" plagiarism on a novel that has been released since the November 2012.

"We asked for SBS and the production of the series was to apologize," he said. "We asked for the name of Jin Ki and the title of his novel 'Evidence of the Devil' listed on his website and in his play credit."

Novelist Jin Ko felt aggrieved with "I Hear Your Voice" as "Evidence of the Devil" is actually the serial version will also be made with the other production. But as soon as "I Hear Your Voice" aired, they immediately stop the process of shooting. Meanwhile, SBS station denied the allegations of plagiarism.

"The same thing with his novel character just twins," said the representative of SBS. "But the way each case is solved is completely different."

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