Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lee Jong Suk Back questioning His False Facebook Author

7:34 PM

Maker fake social networking accounts this time dealing with Lee Jong Suk. Star of the series "I Hear Your Voice" is made annoyed at the people who make a Facebook account pretending to be him. He asked the man to immediately stop the action.

Jong Suk insists that it has only me2day so fans could take care with other social networks. In December last year he has also been rebuked making fake Facebook. Apparently now he was really upset because there are still creating false accounts on behalf of himself.

"I do not have Facebook because it's complicated to me, so I used only me2day," wrote Jong Suk's me2day account. "I do not know what you want to pretend to be me on Facebook."

Jong Suk also insinuated that people live like everyone else who plays himself in a variety of series. "I myself into other people's lives in the drama and it's difficult. So stop," continued the star of the series "School 2013" is.

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