Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gossip exit Ahreum From T-ara to Solo Career

9:10 PM

T-ara members, known as Ahreum or uncover Areum to leave for a solo artist in hip-hop track. The singer is also a member of sub-unit T-ara N4 was asked for support from the fans for his decision.

"There is new information. Seems I will meet you all as a solo singer. Thank you for your support while I joined T-ara," said Ahreum, Wednesday (10/7). "In the future, I will meet you with the image of thousands of times better than when in the 'Countryside Life.' Do not forget me and T-ara. I'll miss you guys."

Unfortunately the sudden announcement that impressed netizens suspect it makes. They suspect there is another motive behind the release Areum. This is because before announcing his resignation, post status on Instagram Areum that reads "I have nothing left to lose.'m Not afraid to die. That's the first notice (I really do not feel lost. I'm not afraid to die. Was notice first) ".

"He must call attention or call if he wrote it on the social networks," said a netizen fans via Buzz. "Jiyeon looks like something to do with it. Jiyeon no ordinary girl, especially because he had the guts to take off her clothes in front of the camera," said another. "If it Ahreum bullied, then items (T-ara) should be thrown into jail," said a netzien.

So far there has been no official statement from T-ara. Girlband singer of "Day by Day" was pamornya increasingly dim after last year left Hwayoung. The seventh member resigned because of alleged acts of bullying other personnel of T-ara. However, Core Contents Media confirmed that Hwayoung out because the contract had expired.

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