Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Often Caused Problems, Contains Army Division Military Close Celeb

8:39 PM

Many celebrities who commit violations during military service seems to make the government take stern measures. The military has just announced it will close the PR department. This division entered the most current celebrity draftee.

The military has conducted a thorough investigation before taking this decision. Eventually they will close the promotional division that has existed since 16 years ago. Many problems caused celebrities assessed adversely affect the military in the public eye.

"After the investigation we decided to end the promotion division (where celebrities recruited)," said the spokesman at a press conference. "Division was formed to promote military campaign and boost the morale of the army. With many problems, however unpleasant that happens then the image of the military get affected."

"It was also demoralized soldiers who have worked hard," said a spokesman. "Under the military aim to promote public trust is paramount. Given the various problems we finally lose public confidence."

The military also said it would punish 8 soldiers are problematic according to the procedure. While 15 soldiers who are currently promotion division will be moved to another department from August 1. 3 soldiers for celebrities who are less than 3 months will be out returned as an active soldier.

Irregularities when conscription began to reap the celebrity spotlight when Rain caught taking too much time off and wander outside duty hours. Lastly, SE7EN and Mighty Mouth Sangchu caught go to massage parlors plus-plus. Currently other celebrities who just entered the draftee is Leeteuk, Yesung SuJu and Yoo Seung Ho, while Kim Heechul came out momentarily.

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