Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Men who Embraced Comeback Teaser Krystal f (x) turns EXO Kai

8:41 PM

Having had time to make fans wonder, finally revealed the identity of the man who hugged by Krystal at a comeback teaser member boyband EXO.

In the latest two teaser photos, Kai's face is shown a little more clearly. One of the pictures show it is sitting in between Krystal and Sulli.

Fans there who feel envious but not a little too excited because Kai supports plans comeback f (x). "I'm happy with the way they support each other," said a netizen.

Previous rumors that the man who was not hugged Krystal Kai but Kim Hyobin. 2000Won duo group members dropout talent show 'K-Pop Star 2 "was touted glance similar to Kai.

f (x) will comeback, July 29, with the release of the song and the new album "Pink Tape". Before they present a vintage concept art for the film with promo "Pink Tape".

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