Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Actress It Accidentally Shows Breast in Red Carpet

8:46 PM

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Pifan) was held again this year and opened on July 18. The actress and the actor came on the red carpet with stunning looks. But the most interesting is the actress Yeo Min Jung.

Jung Min sexy models wearing dresses one strap (strap) and parts of the legs is very high when they arrive on the red carpet. But when busy waving at reporters suddenly hand strap dress without falling. As a result of breast exposed Jung Min although fortunately already wearing color cover.

But instead of feeling sympathy, netizens directly criticized Jung Min-out. They accused the actress was deliberately done in order to be talks and boost its popularity. Because the reaction Min Jung as his shirt open is considered unnatural.

In video footage of the event showed outstanding Min Jung as holding a rope used transparent sleeveless dresses hold it so as not to sag shortly before the fall. No doubt netizens pointed Min Jung deliberately untied it so that her breasts exposed. Her reaction is just laughing and restore the dress to its original position netizens believe it was intentionally done.

"I'm sorry, he was too desperate for media attention," wrote a netizen. "He can choose the right dress is not it? Hemisphere chest is too low and her panties peeking like that," another netter criticism. "It was clear he was not embarrassed, so it's definitely on purpose."

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