Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Naked photo South Korean artists

10:00 PM

Seemed to have no end of entertainment industry scandal in South Korea. Once there was a guy who blackmailed a former artist's own girlfriend and threatened to expose nude pictures, now comes a new case. Still related to nude photos, the case has now happened to one famous trot singer Jang Yoon Jung.

The circulation of a photograph entitled "Jang Yoon Jung naked" on the internet some time ago to make the owner of the auto body full of anger. Through her ​​agency, Yoon Jung argued that the photo was made ​​by him. The owner of the album "Oh My Goodness", admits that his face had been dicatut by irresponsible people, who then mounted to the other woman's body image models.

In other words, Yoon Jung says nude photos are circulating that it was engineered. This time he had reported the case to the police and the Korea Communications Commission.

"We will take legal action if Yoon Jung career declined because of this incident," said a spokesman for the agency. Although angered by the presence of the photo, but it was not long before Yoon Jung began to pull himself together.

"I admit that the face image hundred percent mine, but not with her​​. I do not have a body as good as it is," quipped Yoon Jung. "Although I laughed at, but I assure you anyone who makes this photo would not be able to laugh again after we take that to the bitter end."

Jang Yoon Jung made ​​her debut in the entertainment industry began in 1999. He is known for a distinctive voice when singing trot (South Korean traditional music). One of the popular song is "Oh My".

Here's nude photo Jang Yoon Jung outstanding:


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