Monday, April 15, 2013

JYJ Jaejoong said sarcastically sasaeng are photographed at Airport

4:50 PM

Many fans were waiting at the airport to photograph her ​​idol is not unusual. However it seems that Hero Jaejoong had fans frustrated with the type of behavior like that. He also insinuated them through his Twitter.

"I returned to Korea with a good mood," Jaejoong tweets on April 14. "It does not matter if you really try to shoot like a journalist photographer."

"But if there is a grandmother or grandfather who fell when you pass, do not you need to help him and apologize?" Further tweet it. "Instead of chasing a car or checking your picture if the result is good, would not it be better if you re-check that your grandmother?"

Jaejoong returned to Korea after a concert "Your, My, and Mine" in Taiwan on April 13. Series of apparently "Time Slip Dr.. Jin" was experiencing unpleasant events when fans took pictures. But until now there has been no reports of fans about the existence of a incident involving fans when Jaejoong arrived in Incheon.

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