Thursday, April 11, 2013

SNSD Jessica Ball throws Shame repeated More

5:34 PM

Jessica be a throw of the ball thrower so embarrassing moment in the first baseball game last year. Apparently it was not good at throwing the ball. It was already happening when Girls' Generation concert in Japan.

In a video taken SNSD fans being shared appears balls at the audience. Jessica looked up there with enthusiasm throw ball forward. But it happens even ball bounce over his head and make heavy shame.

Capture the scene already spread in various online community with the title "new pitch Sica". Jessica throws made ​​in one of the SNSD concert tour in Japan network for the album "Girls & Peace". Jessica Apes surefire luck with the ball netizen invite laughter.

"It seems that BC should give special training to throw the ball," comments a netter. "It looks like Tiffany and Yoona more cock, the better learn it," another netter supplement. "Come on Jessica, not any coke. You still cute."

Jessica May last year was given the honor as the first ball pitcher in the opening baseball game between the LG Twins cons Samsung Lions. Moment though is make a supreme effort but the ball directly targeting dilemparnya ground and rolling over. The video quickly spread and even aired on television ESPN Sport.

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