Monday, April 15, 2013

Is it true that Wonder Girls' Sohee Member Most Differences in Stage and Beyond the Stage?

4:55 PM

Sohee is known for its images are chic in Wonder Girls. But apparently it is much different when not on stage or in front of the camera. This was disclosed by his partner in the group that Yubin.

It was presented Yubin when appearing on the show "Seo In Young Star Beauty Show". When asked to choose the most distinct members while on stage with the everyday Yubin Sohee name.

"At that stage the member Sohee interesting with sharp eyes," said Yubin. "But he's totally different when it's not on the stage and with the other members."

In the event Yubin and Hyelim also admit they are addicted to selca photo. While Sunye never let go of her hand mirror. Currently absent from the Wonder Girls' Sunye and was in America to undergo her first pregnancy with her family.

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