Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suzy Issues Sport Spread Seoul Idol Rough

6:47 PM

Netizens made ​​furious over a news media called Sport Seoul. In the article and the video revealed no female idol is being rude and disrespectful. Although not mentioned by name but know that it's easy to miss A Suzy.

In the segment "SS Rumors and Truth" that mentions the idol identity is ending with "zy" and has the initials "B" (Bae Suzy). Anderson also added that the current active career and became the National First Love. Anderson was often rumored to be annoying and unwelcome media workers because of his attitude.

"He's always late for shooting and when the time filming started after the break then he was upset," wrote the news. "He also said the words obscene. Been once upon a time she cried and protested because they do not want to shoot and then run away from the location. Though but its pretty much the opposite of making it known as a member of girlband most rude."

The news was spread quickly so it makes netizens go investigate. They found that it was a post made ​​on behalf of Choi Chang Ryul in DCInside in February. Netizens called Chang Ryul is indeed often make unfounded rumors.

Knowing the launch Sport Seoul raw gossip that was making netizens criticized the media behind. There are also some netizens who suggested JYP Entertainment to file a defamation claim.

"So now reporter also copy and paste the contents DCInside origin without a check?" a netizen criticism. "They just swallow the gossip origin is not clear, even make your own video," added another netter. "It seems that the entertainment media increasingly desperate for news. Pathetic."

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