Friday, April 26, 2013

Agency Confirmation Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Indeed DATING

6:21 PM

Jo In Sung proclaim public scandal when Dispatch date with Kim Min Hee. Both sides agency also confirmed the romance rumors. They are also asking the public to support the understanding of this relationship.

"The two met earlier this year at a gathering they attend. They then began to contact each other as colleagues in the acting world," said Min Hee agency. "They then proceed to a closer relationship and started dating."

It is also revealed by the agency In Sung, IOK Company. They also confirmed rumors that an affair with actress Sung In the movie "Moby Dick" (2011) that has been established for 4 months. Actually they both have known a long time since both are still a career as a model in 2000.

"They met earlier this year and started chatting. Then their feelings and start developing romantic relationships," said agency spokesman In Sung. "Although only 4 months along but they've known since 2000 as fellow models. Now they change the status of a lover."

Kim Min Hee once dated actor Lee Jung Jae in 2003-2006. Then having an affair with a model Lee Soo Hyuk for 2 years in 2008-2010. While Jo In Sung has never been reported or published once had a lover.