Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yookyung flee, A Pink Busy Search New Personnel

6:09 PM

A bit surprising, one girl group A Pink personnel named Yookyung decided to leave the group. As reported by allkpop, this news was announced by their agency, A Cube Entertainment. They are now busy looking for a replacement Yookyung.

"Yookyung which debuted 19 April 2011 and underwent ups and downs with fans more than two years, there will be personnel A Pink," reads the announcement of A Cube Entertainment. "Yookyung always tried his best since his debut and a hardworking personnel. Upon debate in a long time between continuing his career as a celebrity or a focus on education, eventually sixth personnel, Yookyung and agencies make this difficult decision."

"Because Yookyung will enter the University this year, he will no longer be Yookyung A Pink, but like any other regular student," said the agency. "Please always support him and his future." Meanwhile, the agency will soon enter a new personnel.

"They will not appear as six personnel, we plan to incorporate the new personnel. We are still looking for that person, but still not sure," said the agency. "Chances are he will appear when releasing a new album."

A Pink debuted in 2011 with the EP "Seven Springs of A Pink". They've lined up a few commercials like Cottiny, Converse, Skool Looks and Elsword.

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