Friday, April 26, 2013

JYP Entertainment apologizes Engineering Problem Pictures Concerts 2PM

6:24 PM

After the scene with the facts about engineering photo some time ago. Now turn JYP Entertainment spoke.

2PM place this shelter agency admits errors related to the circulation of photographs engineering 2PM concert at Tokyo Dome, Japan, some time ago. Through a written statement, JYP Entertainment issued a public apology immediately.

"We apologize for the error associated with the 2PM concert held at the Tokyo Dome last week. We are forced to ask outsiders to adjust the colors in the photo, but we recognize a mistake when not carefully examine the photo and distributed already," said the JYP Entertainment.

"We also apologize to the media and 2PM fans who enjoy the concert," said JYP. "We will work harder to inspect all material before it is distributed, thank you."

Concert "Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome" last week drew the attention of more than 110 thousand spectators. But the concert was as tarnished by the circulation of photographs engineering openly edited by projecting angle photo of the exact same person. The goal is to fill the empty spot in the concert arena.