Monday, April 15, 2013

Yoo Seung Ho and Sulli of f (x) turns Identify Over Small

5:04 PM

Yoo Seung Ho is jumping in the entertainment world since I was a child, as is with Sulli of f (x). Together a career in youth ages it appears Seung Ho and Sulli ever met. They seem quite familiar.

It opened it from the photos circulating on various online communities recently. Photo "Sulli and Seung Ho oppa. Who would have thought these kids will be stars dye?" netter attention. There seem Seung Ho and Sulli are still small intimate pose with a big smile.

"My goodness they face not changed at all until now have grown up," comments a netter. "Are they still friends so until now?" write another netter. "Imutnya them, their teeth are funny."

Seung Ho is currently undergoing conscription center and has completed military basic training. Star series "I Miss You" is reaping higher value to get appreciation. It also gets the credit for discovering her family back for a moment.

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