Monday, April 15, 2013

Small time Jessica SNSD and Krystal f (x)

5:06 PM

Jessica Girls' Generation and Krystal of f (x) is a pair of sisters who loved the netter celebrities. Now Krystal show affection to the late sister of his Instgram updates. It upload a photo of their childhood.

Krystal uploads photos with Jessica when she was a child on April 12. In the photo it appears to embrace her sister Jessica of happy, smiling back. Krystal looks small when not in the mood.

Apparently the photo was displayed Krystal in celebrating the national fraternity. "Jung. For national fraternity days. Love u jess," he wrote while uploading a funny photo.

The netizen surefire been made envious of the closeness Jung Sister. "Hahaha, Krystal small akfeksi apparently did not like the sister," comments a netter. "From do hold, it looks like Jessica does not want Krystal fuzzy," supplement other netter.

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