Monday, April 15, 2013

Secret Hyosung predictable scandal with actor Will Engage Top

5:38 PM

In the television show "All the K-pop" scandal invite forecasters to predict what will happen this year. They focused on the idol on the rise. Apparently forecasters see Secret Hyosung will be the headline.

Forecasters see the fortunes of the idol who was born in the year of the snake born in 1989. He mentioned that Hyosung will engage scandal with top Korean actor. Scandal that would make headlines all over the news media and seized on the range this year.

Not only Hyosung, Yong Jun Hyung Beast will change their luck in romance. While Sunggyu Infinite and SNSD's Jessica will face severe attack gossip. To Kwon Yuri related've got a great wealth luck.

"I'm going to record it fine to prove it true or not," commented a netizen. "The emergence of Hyosung name startled me, I'd be curious ya," added another. "Let's see about that."

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