Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Results Edits Concert Photo Photoshop 2PM in Japan

6:03 PM

Netizen finds a surprising fact about the photo documentation of 2PM concert at Tokyo Dome last weekend. Some fans suspect that the agency JYP Entertainment to engineer one of the photos showed the audience at the concert "Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome" was.

At first glance, the photo only shows a crowd with multicolored lights. But the picture in the row spectators in the bottom floor was apparently the result of a photoshop.

Netizens even marked the engineering evidence that photo with the yellow line. It is seen from two angles equally showed a picture of a number of fans with similar activity. Given this reality, netizens immediately launched criticism.

"It's very strange. Least when using photoshop, doing good," said one fan at a forum in netizenbuzz blog. "It is clear that the photo was edited," said another. "It's a shame, why did they do it?'s So seem cheap. Embarrassing," a netizen criticism.

Many fans feel curious about the motives of the photo edits. Some suspect that JYP did that 2PM concert in Japan seem crowded.

"Korean artists giving away free tickets to fill seats in their Japanese concert," taunted a netizen. "There's nothing to be proud of."

The following photo edits found netizen:


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