Friday, August 9, 2013

Agency SNSD, Big Bang and Other Kpop Artists Music Chart Report Manipulation

5:42 PM

A number of agencies singers in Korea filed a report at the Seoul District Attorney's Office and the police to investigate the alleged manipulation of digital music charts. Initially the agency reported that Girls' Generation (SM Entertainment), Big Bang (YG Entertainment), 2PM (JYP) and ZE: A (Star Empire Entertainment).

Moments later, the agency Cube Entertainment Entertainment and FNC also provide support. They suspect there are certain parties who are buying in bulk digital songs for singers to boost the popularity and achievements in a number of music charts.

The modus operandi of certain parties "buy" purchase so that the song could be ranked above even topped the charts. That way, the song received more attention and are also likely to be played in a number of music programs broadcast both radio and TV. There was the possibility that it was done by artist agency holding companies that offer services increases the number of downloads or manipulate the chart.

"Buying bulk to be stopped because agencies are releasing music correctly is impaired and the public could lose confidence in the truth at the site of the charts," said YGE. "Businesses need to work together digital music and action must be taken to prevent these illegal activities."

"This manipulation could hurt agency to release and market music in the right way, this has to stop," said JYP representative. "All the digital music industry should work together to set up the system to prevent corruption and manipulation in the music industry."

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