Friday, August 9, 2013

Lee Seung Gi Ever Admits Plastic Surgery?

5:34 PM

Lee Seung Gi
made ​​a startling confession in an interview with "One Night of TV Entertainment". At that time, the hosts showed transformation Lee Seun Gi face changes from year to year.

Actor "Gu Family Book" was aware that he looks more handsome when growing up. "I guess I'm getting to look better," said Seung Gi.

"I've never had plastic surgery," he added. "But I've done one time a medical procedure." Cash, greeting Seung Gi surprising the host. However, Seung Gi was only joking and hastily explained his point.

"I was just pulling teeth molars," he said to laughter from the hosts. "Pulling teeth it also includes a medical procedure. Did you know how scared I was at that time? I was in shock."

On that occasion, Seung Gi also revealed that he wanted to get married before the age of 35 years. 'Before I was thinking of getting married at the age of 35 years, but now I want to get married earlier than that age, "said Seung Gi.

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