Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EXO Fans Align Issues in disguise So Guys For Peeping into Bathroom

5:15 PM

EXO has many fans sasaeng (stalker) who always follow them wherever they go. The members are now discussing their existence in an interview. EXO also straighten out an issue that there sasaeng girls who go into their bathroom.

Some time ago circulated photos showing fans a girl disguised as a boy to get into the shower guy. Fans sasaeng EXO already known reckless in following this idol. EXO now straighten that an intruder was not a girl, but is really a guy.

"Lately there have been rumors that there was one girl fans shaved his head and went into the men's room in which there is us and taking pictures," said EXO. "The truth is there are people who follow us to the bathroom to take pictures of us, like in the picture, but it's not the girl fans in disguise. He's really a guy."

EXO also apologize to all those who feel disturbed by the act of the fans, especially the neighboring dorm. They ask fans to stop camping outside the dorm and doing dangerous things. "We are also very grateful if they obey the rules when we meet at a public event," he continued.

"We love our fans come to watch, but it would be better if we followed the rules and behave well in public," added EXO. "When we were overseas, fans sasaeng accidentally wear the same plane and take our pictures non-stop. So imagine how uncomfortable. We often feel guilty about disturbing other passengers and crew."

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