Friday, August 9, 2013

South Korea Urges Political Conduct Military Conscription Rain Birthday

6:20 PM

Rain may be able to avoid a military prison, but that does not mean he necessarily problem free. As you well know, Rain caught dating with Kim Tae Hee at office hours without wearing a military uniform. At that time, Rain managed to escape from the shackles of military criminal law and punishment shall only be settled in military barracks during the week.
However, the decision was apparently drawn protests from some politicians in South Korea. Recently they demanded Korean Defense Minister to consider that repeated Rain military service. They suggest the South Korean military regulations should apply equally to all citizens, not to mention celebrities.
"Our country has an strict military rule and it should be enforced equally on all citizens," said one politician. "Rain even recruited by celebrity lines without completing all the documents the terms, just because he is famous. Usually celebrities still have to complete all the paperwork, but obviously once Rain gets preferential treatment."
Re conscription punishment is actually not the first time that happened to celebrities. Previously, PSY also had to be punished when it violates. Therefore, South Korean politicians insist Rain should receive the same punishment.
"Lately a lot of discussion about conscription was discussed again for Rain. But the real problem is there are 10 celebrities who go without proper documents. Therefore also violated, then they should also undertake military service again," said the other politician. "This is indeed a problem, but only the Minister of Defense that could decide."
"It is true that Rain was included in the 10 celebrity," he added. "Currently, investigations are also being carried out and there is not confined to those who get caught breaking, but to all artists who go through the recruitment of celebrities."
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