Saturday, August 17, 2013

Amber f (x) sister Hacker Breaking into Facebook,

6:00 PM

Artist's social networking account is vulnerable to be cracked by hackers. The time this incident happened to Amber f (x). He even rebuked his Facebook breaker via Twitter.

"For anyone who hacked my Facebook, please do not do it again," Amber tweet on August 14. "It was an act that was not polite and not important. Kesenanangan Do not ruin someone else."

Tweet Amber makes fans shocked and alarmed so come if Twitter was joined burglarized. SM Entertainment finally confirmed that the tweet was genuine warning. "Tweet it really written Amber itself," wrote SM Town official account.

"Basic ones today! Dong Respect the privacy of others," wrote fans are upset with the hacker. "Who does Amber have Facebook? I never know," said another fan. "Do not tell me this sasaeng act."

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