Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jang Hyuk Reveals Never End by Boyfriend Because of Jun Ji Hyun

5:28 PM

Despite having a predicate Hallyu Star, Jun Ji Hyun is a little brother for Jang Hyuk. The closeness made ​​actresses "The Thieves" is knowing a lot of things that do Jang Hyuk. One was to make her boyfriend broke up with Jang Hyuk.

Jang Hyuk and Ji Hyun is one agency while first career start to become familiar. At that time in college while Jang Hyuk actress movie "My Sassy Girl" was still in high school. Jang Hyuk reveals that at the time had a boyfriend Ji Hyun complain to the agency so that they should break up.

"I met my boyfriend while busily auditioning and I really liked it. We met on a blind date," said Jang Hyuk in "Kneedrop Guru". "I went to the movies with him when caught by Jun Ji Hyun. Problem is cinema near schools Ji Hyun."

Jang Hyuk confessed then immediately contacted Ji Hyun to shut up but apparently failed. Ji Hyun Jang Hyuk said that he had reported to the agency. As a result Jang Hyuk was breaking up with her ​​boyfriend.

"After that I called Ji Hyun to ask him not to tell the agency," said the actor "The Flu" is. "Agency asked me how could I go out when it was supposed to audition. Relationship pacaranku So when that did not work."

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