Saturday, August 17, 2013

Actors 'Dream High' Baek Won Gil Found Dead in River

6:11 PM

Sad news coming out of South Korea's entertainment world. Senior actor Baek Won Gil found died at river flows Namdaecheon. Baek Won Gil teacher known for his role Kirin, Gong Min Chul, on the series "Dream High".

The actor who died at age 40 last year reportedly fishing in the river. Won Gil allegedly slipped and drowned while trying to take the place of fish catch. The police report will not be an autopsy on the bodies Won Gil and cause of death due to an accident that caused purely accidental.

"We received a report of a missing person Baek Won Gil family," said local police. "After doing a search on Namdaecheon around 9:03 am, we found the bodies of Baek Won Gil."

Currently Baek Won Gil bodies interred at the funeral home Sokcho. But it will likely be moved to Seoul, depending on the family's request Baek Won Gil. The fans expressing condolences go related incident.

"I was in shock," commented one fan. "I'm sorry for his family and friends. May he rest in peace," said another fan. "Well-loved character in 'Dream High', watching the series it will not taste the same again," said another fan.

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