Thursday, February 28, 2013

Park Shi Hoo Suspect Steal Money

2:42 PM

Not completed rapes that hit Park Shi Hoo, now he must confront the other allegations. Shi Hoo suspected of pretending to be fans in his own fancafe to cheat the fans.

In many online communities rumor says Shi Hoo been posing as fans now join the fancafe his own. He collected money from all the fans on the pretext of buying a birthday gift a necklace Shi Hoo. At that time, the money collected reached USD 7200 or equivalent to Rp 69 million.

The fans then suspicious when the money must be collected into a bank account in the name of Park Pyung Ho. The name is the name of the birth star of the series "Cheongdamdong Alice" was. As evidence netizen also upload photos receipt of money transfer.

When netizens questioned the owner's name rekenening fancafe manager suddenly removed. Then all the money is found to vanish along with the advent of photo output Tiffany & Co necklace uploaded Shi Hoo's mother. Suspicion fans were heightened as the price necklace exactly the amount of money collected from the fans.

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