Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jung Kyung Ho Participate Clarification Gossip dating SNSD's Sooyoung

3:18 PM

Sooyoung Girls' Generation steal media attention when news emerged Jung Kyung Ho dating. SM Entertainment has denied the issue and now the Kyung Ho joined commented. In television he also denied the rumors.

"Gossip is not true," said the statement shown in the "Midnight TV Entertainment". "Because it is not true then we are not too care. Sooyoung is still very young and we were worried he was a victim."

Sooyoung rumored previously been having an affair with the star of the series "Sorry, I Love You" since last year. SM acknowledge they are friends since meeting at church gatherings, but not dating. Proximity is only limited between senior and junior.

Television shows also said that friendship began Sooyoung starred. Kyung Ho is more senior then often give advice to Sooyoung acting.

"Sooyoung has a cheerful character and cool. Maybe that's why a lot of people around the wrong way," said that television content. "He is now thought to be more careful again because it is like that."

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