Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Photo Revealed Byul Haha and the Ridiculous

7:58 PM

known characteristics eccentric and goofy. It seems that he also brought to official matters and is important in life. He also chose a silly pose in wedding pictures with Byul.

Photographers for Haha and Byul, Oh Joong Seok, divulge their two wedding photos through Twitter. "It's the best! Shooting goes full of laughter," Seok Joong tweet.

Instead of posing romantic comedy performers "Running Man" and Byul a touch comical on traditional concepts. In the photo looks Byul surrounded by a lot of men wearing masks Haha, that makes netizens suspect they were the performers "Running Man" and "Infinity Challenge". While other photo shows a lot Haha searching for something.

"I saw Yoo Jae Seok right Byul, there Garry as well," wrote one netter. "Are members 'Running Man' and 'Infinity Challenge' was there all?" Other added. "It's really unique and cute."

Haha and Byul married in a civil wedding reception will be held on 30 November. Byul also collaborated with singer 10cm in the song "Cute" to celebrate a wedding. The song is a background video engagement, the wedding and marriage registration Haha by Byul.

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