Friday, January 25, 2013

Photos Proximity U-Know of TVXQ with Kim Sung Ryung

8:02 PM

Recent photos of TVXQ U-Know Yunho circulating on the Internet Friday, January 25, attracted the attention of many fans and netizens. Nothing interesting in the picture, because U-Know appeared just posing with actress Kim Sung Ryung.

But from the photo, netizens concluded a thing. The face of the handsome U-Know and Sung Ryung that make them harmonious beauty paired as brother and sister or lover. Especially in that picture they look pretty close and familiar.

"The brother and sister Baek Do Kyung and Baek Do Hoon in the series' Yawang ',' agency twert Sung Ryung, Yuleum Entertainment on Twitter them. "Sweet smile they even look alike."

The photo was apparently taken from the latest project U-Know and Sung Ryung, SBS series "Yawang". "A smile and their eyes look the same! Seems they brother and sister real in real life," said Netter. "I think they are the best pair of this year," said netter. "

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