Thursday, January 31, 2013

SNSD's Sooyoung house 'raided' First Time on TV

9:51 AM

Curious how the house Sooyoung Girls' Generation? Recently the "Discovery of Trend 'do' raid 'in the home Sooyoung. The show is said that the first time home Sooyoung showing on the screen.

"'Discovery of Trend' home reveals Sooyoung Girls' Generation for the first time on TV!" production of the promo event. "Kim Min Jong visited the house Sooyoung? Also showing Sooyoung's sister and mother are beautiful."

At that time, actor Kim Min Jong gave a surprise by coming home unexpectedly Sooyoung. He was greeted by a brother and Sooyoung's mother seemed surprised by the arrival of Kim Min Jong. Upon entering the house, Jong Min had asked a number of photos and chatted with the family Sooyoung.

In the preview video that circulated, Min Jong seemed to enjoy his time to the house Sooyoung. The plan, Sooyoung special episode on "Discovery of Trend" will be aired on SBS station on 1 February.

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