Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kwanghee ZE : A Siwan Denies Rumors Sabotage in Variety Show

1:08 AM

Kwanghee confirms about her that is rumored to have sabotaged Siwan in a variety show. Members of ZE : A 's denied these rumors as a guest in " Song of Hope at Noon 's Kim Shin Young ". He said he only helped Siwan to dare to speak in front of the camera .

" Siwan good at acting , but he does not talk much on the variety show , " he said . "I was trying to help him to talk , but the news that appeared in the media becomes redundant to say I have taken Siwan dialogue . "

The singer and actor whose 25-year -old was also very disappointed with the rumors. " I just want to do well Siwan . I was a little disappointed with the rumors that I was jealous and wanted to sabotage the Siwan , " he said .

Host Kim Shin Young also defended Kwanghee statement . " To be honest , Kwanghee has helped Siwan to be yourself ( in variety shows ) at this time . When he appeared on MBC's ' Quiz to Change the World ' , Siwan Kwanghee always carry or Hyungsik to help them talk , " he explained .

Kwanghee also added that he would help Junyoung become popular . " This year 's turn Junyoung who will help you, " he concluded . The " Song of Hope at Noon 's Kim Shin Young " was aired on the station MBC .

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