Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rainbow Jaekyung says Less Combos Also SM Entertainment

1:11 AM

Rainbow Jaekyung surprise to say never refuse a member Kara. Now it's back to a surprising statement when displayed on a TV show . Jaekyung admits also refused to join SM Entertainment.

Rainbow own a nursery DSP Media also became Kara agency . When the DSP to Kara with the cute concept, while Rainbow identified debut with a sexy appearance .

" When I was a trainee at agensiku 10 years ago so I barely Kara member. But now the agency says ' Kara will have a cute image so let's just make a new group ' , " said Jaekyung . " Because of that I continue to be a trainee . "

" When I started training perennially tired , so member Kara deals come to me. Agency said :" You want immediate debut with Kara not ? ' and was teasing me , "he continued . "But I refused because I think better with members of Rainbow . "

Jaekyung then reveals that it is actually now time to dikontak SM Entertainment . "I also reject the offer and two months later, Girls ' Generation's debut , " says Jaekyung shocking the whole studio .

While claiming not regret turning in Kara but Jaekyung admits feeling a bit jealous of kesukesan pelantun " Damage Lady " was . "To be honest I'm a little jealous when Kara 's iconic Hallyu , " Jaekyung recharge .

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