Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Too Sexy, Sunmi Prepare Choreography ' Full Moon ' Special for TV Shows

6:02 PM

Sunmi come back to the concept of sexy in her latest single, " Full Moon ". One of the choreography where he sits on the couch and opened her legs wide trap is considered too vulgar. But the JYP Entertainment confessed anticipated by preparing a special choreography for live events on television music programs.

" We did not rush to change it, " said a spokeswoman for JYP . " But we did have to prepare different choreography from the music video for her appearance on the television program. "

Sources from one program to admit that it would be difficult movements in the television broadcast . It reveals Sunmi will adjust the choreography in the promotion of " Full Moon " premiere next February 20.

"From his first appearance on television next February 20 , he will greet all the choreography without this movement, " he said. " The level must be adjusted to the broadcast. "

" Full Moon " is a single from his first solo mini- album of the same name. The mini album was released February 17 contains 6 songs including his first solo single, " 24 Hours ".

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