Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Achieves High Rating, Serial Ha Ji Won ' Empress Ki ' Denies Not Pay Players

5:54 PM

Serial " Empress Ki " has recently re- gained the highest rating. This is the highest rating achieved by " Empress Ki " since its first airing .

The series , starring Ha Ji Won won the rating number is 26.5 percent . In the previous episode , this series get as much as 25.3 percent rating .

Rating " Empress Ki " far outperformed the serial number . The second rank was occupied by a series of SBS's " One Sweet Word " ( " A Warm Word " ) with the acquisition of 11.2 percent rating . Then the third place achieved by the KBS series " Full Sun " with a rating of some 3.7 percent.

Although obtaining the highest rating , does not mean " Empress Ki " escape from problems. According to rumors circulating , the production is not paying the actors and actresses who starred in the MBC series . But the production has denied the news.

"The rumors about us not paying the actors and actresses that are not true . I do not know how the rumor spread, " he said. " We were very surprised by the rumor ".

Rumors are circulating of a list released by the media about the series that does not pay its players . Turns out " Empress Ki " on the list, though ultimately denied . In addition to " Empress Ki " , the series " Worlds Within " is also on the list and admit it.