Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hyeri Girl 's Day Reveals Cause Fainting on Stage ' M ! Countdown '

6:09 PM

Girl 's Day Hyeri could make fans worried when she suddenly fainted on stage " M ! Countdown " last January . Now that ex- lover Tony Ahn reveal the actual illness he suffered at that time . He turned out to be swine flu that made ​​him feel weak.

" I have swine flu . It is the most severe disease ever happened to me in my life, " he said in MBC's " Human Documentary " on Saturday ( 15/2 ). " I'm sick but want to keep performing on stage . "

" I know how valuable each of our performances , " he continued . " Not really felt that I did not appear for the sake of the fans . I definitely feel guilty for other personnel ( if not performed ) . "

At that time the only agency said Hyeri flu and received treatment at the hospital . Girl's Day 's maknae even still look pale next day at another event . Whereas previously announced management will Hyeri rest of the event.

Hyeri is not the only idol that swine flu lately . GOT7 even had to cancel some of his schedule because of three personnel , ie, Jr. . , JB and Youngjae , exposed to the H1N1 virus at the same time .

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