Thursday, February 27, 2014

Agencies Issue Speak Lee Min Ho Play Gambling

5:55 PM

Odor issues approached Lee Min Ho is currently in New Zealand some time ago. He is rumored to perform at a casino gambling while there.

Recently circulated a photograph showing Min Ho in a casino in New Zealand. The photo was allegedly taken when the star of the series " Heirs " was filming outdoor gear brand advertising there . On February 10, it had spread netter China Min Ho photo streets of Queenstown wearing casual clothes.

Now circulating photos of Chinese fans who also claimed Min Ho entered the casino after completing the shooting . Photos rose quickly spread among netizens . Finally agencies Min Ho explained that it is not gambling , but just play the game of relaxation in a small cafe.

" The report was too excessive. Was not a gamble, " said the spokesman . "The location is a small casino next to the restaurant that looks like a simple game arena. "

" In place of the simple game that anyone can enjoy while eating , " he continued . " At that time, Lee Min Ho was a break in between shooting and he plays the game that cost the same as the drink . "

Spokesperson also explained that the locations visited Min Ho is not illegal . In addition , local residents seem to have become accustomed to the place. " The place has a legal right and just aged 18 years and older may enter, " added the spokesman.

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