Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Actress Age 13 Years accused of Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

9:46 PM

A talented actress shocking scandal. Known to compete acting with Won Bin in the movie" The Man from Nowhere ", Kim Sae Ron allegedly smoking and drinking alcohol at the age of 13 years still .

Some netizens to post messages and photos on the internet forums with the title " girl photo with Kim Sae Ron drank uploaded in her Cocoa Story " . There Sae Ron claimed that smoking and drinking alcohol just like the girl .

There are only two photos show Sae Ron sitting with her friends at a table full of bottles of alcohol . Meanwhile, in another photo he was in the karaoke room with a cigarette box on the table . Star of the series " Fashion King " was immediately refuted the contents of the image is through social media .

" Days like this finally come , whatever kukatan will not be heard . Netizens wrote bad comments through the keyboard , attacked and insulted until they feel to see the end , " wrote Sae Ron . " Those who believe will believe me and that is not just because of envy to me that did not want to hear the truth . "

" Spread the issue one is evil . Those involved I want to impress me do bad things to apologize to me , " he continued . " I've never done anything that should not be done my age . I hope you believe me . "

Sae Ron also said that thanks to this incident he realized why directors love scene crying and told him to give the role of sad . "I think I'm strong enough to face this but my heart hurt at all until I could not, " closed star of the series " Queen's Classroom " is.

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