Friday, April 4, 2014

Agency Change Lyrics Single ' Uh - ee ' Crayon Pop Blocked Due KBS

3:18 PM

The music video Crayon latest Pop, " Uh - ee ", banned by KBS because of the lyrics that they deem less worthy to be listened to teenage fans . In response to the ban , the agency Chrome Entertainment finally act decisively to change the lyrics.

" We were warned that ' Uh - ee ' do not match played in KBS , so we changed the lyrics , from ' bbika bbunjjuck ' to ' bbunjjuk bbunjjuk." We asked them ( KBS ) to consider it again, " said the CEO of the agency, Hwang Hyun Chang, Thursday, April 3.

" Among all the lyrics , ' bbika bbunjjuck ' is a Japanese expression . Though the expression is used only to show happiness , but because the TV stations are quite strict regulations to support enforcement of proper spelling and expression of the Korean language as taught by the government , Chrome Entertainment was asked to alter the expression appropriate in the Korean phrase, " clear the KBS.

Meanwhile, the music video " Uh - ee " not experience blocking at the station SBS and MBC.

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