Friday, April 4, 2014

SM Entertainment Ready sues gossip spreaders Sulli f ( x )

3:13 PM

News of Sulli f ( x ) had entered the ER because of abdominal pain turns long tails. Now he is exposed to the issue that was rushed to the hospital due to pregnancy. SM Entertainment also gave a stern warning to the rumor spreaders.

At the end of March it was revealed that Sulli was rushed to the ER after feeling abdominal pain . It is feared appendicitis turned out he was just a regular stomach ache due to work stress . But the netter even gossip about the actual pain experienced by Sulli.

Gossip is circulating of a screenshot on KakaoTalk conversation, "My friend who works at the hospital and my friend said that the reason Sulli was in the ER today because of XXX ". Although censored but many netizens said that the question is pregnant.

Twitter fanbase Sulli later revealed that the current BC already has the data to drag the rumor spreaders . They also include a screenshot of the folder containing the document into evidence.

" SM Entertainment is collecting documents regarding the rumor that hit Sulli . Representative law says that more and more documents are collected , the better so asked us to send everything to them, " wrote the Twitter. " Get ready you are already spread issue. "

Sulli is currently still busy with the filming of " Fashion King " and recently completed the movie " Pirates " . While his name made ​​headlines last scene when known street hand in hand with Choiza Dynamic Duo . But BC has denied both existing relationship.