Friday, April 4, 2014

The scandal involved gambling, Lee Soo Geun Sued USD 20 M By Advertiser

3:33 PM

The problem has not been completed after hitting Lee Soo Geun convicted of illegal gambling. Now he has to deal with the advertisers who make endoser. They sued MC " 1 Night 2 Days " was for damages caused due to gambling scandal ensnared.

Car manufacturers named Bullsone sued by SM C & C as Soo Geun agency on April 1 of USD 1.8 million ( USD 20 billion ) . They sue for damages caused by the bad image Soo Geun for committing an illegal gambling . Through trial beginning on April 2 ordered both sides to negotiate first.

" Not only Lee Soo Geun , models of our products has made our brand a bad image because of the illegal activity involved . Attitude it also shows that we no longer use it in advertising, " said a representative Bullsone.

Bullsone also specify the amount of the claim for compensation of payments that have been given at the time of sign Soo Geun as commercials . In addition there are the costs of making and placing advertisements in the media.

Meanwhile, the SM C & C claimed to have been trying to negotiate with Bullsone over this issue. They said he would try hard to solve it peacefully because it is the best completion for everything.

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