Friday, June 21, 2013

Series 'The Queen's Classroom' Netizens Protest Considered Punishment Due Rabbits

5:27 PM

Serial "The Queen's Classroom" protests from netizens for being unkind to animals. Currently making process, the production is using rabbits to shoot MBC's series. However, the crew apparently little regard for these animals.

The protest started when "The Queen's Classroom" held shooting in a city. Local residents look at a number of rabbits were caged narrow and can barely move. The crew also reportedly did not provide drinks in the hot weather.

When locals tried to provide drinks, serial crew was touted instead drove him away. This apparently sparked protests from netizens and cast a petition on the series soundtrack is filled by SHINee.

"How could they do this. They do not even feel guilty," said one netizen. "How could you torture animals for the sake of a series," commented another. "Cage looks too small for them," said another netizen.

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