Friday, June 21, 2013

After School's Lizzy Gossip Scandal Explain His love with G-Dragon

5:31 PM

Some time ago came up dating rumors between After School's Lizzy and Big Bang's G-Dragon. These rumors circulating because of the lyrics in one song G-Dragon is like mentioning the word 'Lizzy'. However, in the show "Radio Star" Lizzy immediately denied these rumors.

"Even the members of Super Junior participated curious. There is a section in lyrics G-Dragon is at the end sounds like Lizzy," said Kyuhyun, hosted the event tersbeut. "We wondered whether there was a purpose he uses the lyrics?"

Kyuhyun heard this question, Lizzy laughed outright. "Gossip is not true. Guess he (G-Dragon) just want to sync the lyrics, but that does not mean anything," said Lizzy.

However, Lizzy said he was happy because thanks to gossip that his name became known. "The one we kept asking me if I was really going out with him. Least I'm glad he did not notice me," said Lizzy.

Kyuhyun then tried to lure Lizzy and said there was a netizen who claimed to see them dating. "What do you see for yourself.'re Lying," Lizzy said to laughter from the others.

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