Friday, June 21, 2013

Lady Jane Affirm End with Simon D Not As E-Sens

5:35 PM

Shipwreck of romance Simon D and Lady Jane public surprised many. The reason, they are known romantic and durable dating for 6 years. Reportedly both breakup caused by E-Sens is an associate in singing Simon D Supreme Team.

"There was an article that said the reason she decided Lady Jane and Simon D is E-Sens. Firstly we do not memperdulikannya but because it was published then we need to straighten out," said spokeswoman Jane at Sport Seoul. "The cause of their breakup was a purely personal matter, not because of E-Sens."

Given this rebuttal Jane hopes the name E-Sens no longer associated with it. The spokesman also said the relationship Lady Jane and Simon D is still fine after the break.

"Although it has been dropped but they are still on good terms," said a spokesman. "They still talk to each other, even after the break up news spread in public. They now become his fellow musicians."

Previously had circulated rumors Simon D broke because one of the reasons is busy attending to E-Sens. Colleague Simon D sang the marijuana scandal was tripped at the beginning of last year. Additionally flurry Simon D footage also be the cause of breaking up.

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